Thursday, March 13, 2008

conversation early this morning

Little: I'm very sad. Nothing can make me happy. (Can you believe this kid? I really believe he's not actually depressed. He is very happy all day long, I promise. I think he just says this stuff to see how I react.)

Me: Oh. You know what works for me when I'm sad and it feels like nothing can make me happy? I take a walk or do yoga.

Little: I don't like either of those things.

Me: What do you like?

Little: I like ice cream.


Maria said...

That child is SO on the mark ;)

Evenspor said...

Hee hee. Kids are so smart. Once my son asked me for a cookie for lunch. I told him no, and so he said, "Mayme a samich?" Yes, I said, you can have a sandwich. What would you like on it? "Cookies!"