Saturday, May 16, 2009

wow, a carder

Ok, that's a really dumb title, and I totally staged this picture, but this is what greeted me when I got home last night. A very big, heavy box! I didn't even know it had been shipped. I walked the dog quickly quickly quickly, all the better to get home and open the box. There wasn't really any time to play last night, what with the children who live here, and Joe being away this week, but I got up stupid early this morning to play.
I carded some llama I bought a few months ago. It was in pencil roving form, but I really didn't like it, uneven and too thin in places, so I was saving it as I saved for a carder.
Then some color experimentation. I started with some Wilton's dyed wool I did months ago which clumped up a bit with the dyeing, so I was also saving it for the carder. I added in some undyed wool, but the result was too washed out, so I added some gold, turquoise, and a dark green dyed corriedale.
Big One got into it, too. Here he is figuring out how to get the batt off the drum.
And the end result of hours of carding:
Except I'm not quite done. I might add more of the dark green, and some brown. I'm really enjoying the experimentation process, adding color here and there to shift the color one way or another. I'm reminded of the time when my spinning wheel was very new, and I didn't have any experience buying fiber. The yarns I came up with then were unlovely, to say the least. I wonder where this learning curve is taking me, and how I'll see these batts when I look back.


Granna Judy said...

Wow -- that's really pretty stuff!! I love the color just as it is -- kind of a blue-green mix.

JoVE said...

Looks like lots of possibilities are opening up.

anthromama said...

Very, very cool! I've always wanted one of those. And an alpaca to go with it.