Thursday, July 23, 2009

busy, busy, busy

Little and I have been doing a lot of this. We're reading the sixth Harry Potter book on the front porch, so that when we go see the movie he'll have a better understanding of it. We've just finished the sixth book, on to the seventh tomorrow morning.
The garden grows, with very little attention from me. In the foreground are dill, cherry tomatoes, and a tiny patch of lettuce that you can't see.
Here we have collards, brussels sprouts, more tomatoes, and I think there's a cucumber plant or two somewhere in there.
Full size tomatoes and basil in this bed. These plants started off slowly in some pots that turned out to be too small, but now they're coming right along.
Here's some real work we started last weekend. Scraping all the fiddly bits on our front porch. When we moved in here, the previous owners had covered these all over with plywood. We were appropriately horrified when we discovered the lovely neglected fancy bits underneath, but we do understand why they did it. If we're still in this house when we're old, we'll probably cover it all up with plywood and forget about it too.
For now, though, it's actually good fun to be out here working on it together. It's our big project for weekends for as long as it takes, probably about the middle of September.
And this is how we'll keep busy when it rains. This Danish cord is going to become the seat for this Danish chair, and five or six more just like it. We got them at a garage sale for very very cheap, and it's a kind of chair we've always admired.
And now it's a project. We're not exactly sure how we're getting from materials to finished chairs. We've never done it before, and we're not sure the directions we've found are going to work. There will be some improvising, I believe.


Granna Judy said...

Nice to see you back -- I've missed your blog. Good luck with the Danish chair seats!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're having a nice summer all around.

You know those Family Creative Workshop books from the 70s that you can always find at used bookstores? I have the one that has the article about reupholstering furniture, which includes caning chairs (and whatever the term is for seats made from rope instead of rushes or canes). I'll have to look it up!

JoVE said...

Lovely to see you back. Things look good at your place.

The alternative to covering up the fancy bits when old is to hire someone to maintain them. Put that in your retirement savings plans :-)

Ipo said...

thanks for the garden update!