Sunday, May 03, 2009

big improvement

We had a garden last year, just cut into the yard in the sunniest spot. It didn't do very well, mostly because the grass kept growing into it. We've been planning raised beds for some time, and it all came together this week. Here you see Joe banging in the stakes and leveling the rough cut Hemlock we got from a sawmill.

Little and Cricket are supervising.
Here's Joe, trimming the boards in his wood shop, previously known as our garage.
First box, almost done. He made three of these, and then a guy came with a truckload of some lovely dark fluffy dirt.

We had some dirt left over. Not a bad problem to have, really, and it supplemented some of my flower beds quite nicely. One of the boxes already has collards and brussels sprouts growing in it.


Anonymous said...

OOooh!!! I am jealous!!! These look beautiful!!! I love the fluffy dark stuff!!!

We got three rows of our garden tilled this weekend. It is nice to have the land.

You have a great supervisor!! Good job, Joe!

Lori said...

looks fantastic :D

Sullyce3 said...

Hey I'm jealous too!!! I'm getting quite tired of my rocky road of lawn around my house! Still no dozer!

Casey said...

Excellent! I covet your new dirt.

the scarlet piglet said...

I'm jealous too - I'm about to plant my poor little herb tubs on our roof.

And thanks for your comment on my blog. I hope you can come on Wednesday and we can meet and hug IRL, and cheer each other on.