Tuesday, December 30, 2008

spindle christmas to you

Here's a Bosworth Midi. Gorgeous. The shaft is ebony, and the whorl is pink ivory. It seems to be wood, though, so I'm waiting to hear from Sheila Bosworth about just what kind of wood it is.

And this is a Hatchtown Spinimal. Very cute, no?

Ok, I am a hopeless geek. I'm going back to my cave now.


Ipo said...

beautiful shots!

Anonymous said...

I Love em!!!!!
I would love to play with the Spinimal!! Maybe?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful spindles and beautiful fluff you are spinning on that top one. Maybe your readers are hopeless geeks, too. I certainly like the odd bit of spindle pr0n. :-)

Anonymous said...

Geek you are, but thanks for sharing :-) I was just thinking of you today, and here you are!