Thursday, April 24, 2008

sick day knitting projects

Big is feeling glunky. Nasty head cold, bad cough, general exhaustion. We've canceled almost all our plans for today, and he has agreed to stay mellow and in his room for the one remaining event (a recorder class he doesn't participate in so far.)

So Little and I will continue to check in on our various gardening projects, and we're going for a walk to visit a neighbor's garden. After that, I'm planning to knit a lot. I have more projects going at once than usual for me, and here they are.

Uptown Boot Socks, from Interweave's Favorite socks, knit from Opal 6-ply. Are you noticing that even though the pattern doesn't call for it, I've reversed the cable, so my socks will be mirror images of each other? Thanks to Grumperina's excellent tutorial on cabling without a cable needle, this is child's play. (And you know I give the utmost respect to the play of children.)
Sorry mom, these fit me fine.

Socks from Trekking XXL, using Cat Bordhi's sky architecture. Coming along. The gusset goes at the very top of the instep. I tried to get a good photo, but, well, you should try taking a picture of the top of your foot sometime. Not easy.
These also seem to be fitting so far.

Chevron Rib Tank, a free pattern available from Knitting Daily. This is the front. I'm using Bamboo, from Southwest Trading Company. I like this yarn a lot, and I love the colors. If this doesn't fit me, I'll either give it to someone smaller than myself, or rip it out and knit it for me. This is the first sleeveless sweater I've ever been interested in, and it may be the only one I ever wear. That is, if I wear it. I mostly don't see the point of handknitted objects meant to be worn in the summer.

And finally, Diamond Fantasy Scarf, by Sivia Harding. I'm knitting this from a nameless coned laceweight purchased on Ebay years ago. You may notice (from the red cable) that I'm using one of the new Addi lace needles, and I like it very much, although it's not the life-altering knitting experience others have described. These needles are pointier and less slippery than the regular Addi Turbos.

Off for a walk!


Granna Judy said...

Just get carried away on the foot of that second pair, will you? I love them!!

Ipo said...

your niece sure likes your projects! fancy she said :-))

Anonymous said...

Those are all very nice. I've knit that Sivia Harding pattern and it is great. I wear that shawl a lot.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I have a horribly short attention span for knitting -- you could ask my husband, to whom I promised a sweater vest several years ago. So maybe I need to pull out my sock pattern again, and consider knitting in cotton for summer.