Monday, February 25, 2008

mittens for me

My mittens are finished, and I love them. They are made from Zitron Avanti, which turns out to be the same colorways as Trekking XXL sock yarn, but in a worsted weight. I really love this yarn, and I wish I had balls and balls of it, in many different colors. Alas, this is all I have left:
The red is what's leftover from my niece's mittens, which were knit from what was left over from a scarf I made for my mom several years ago. Although a quick online search reveals that this yarn is available in various places, I won't be buying any. Still knitting from the stash for a while. Maybe these ends will be the garter brim for a quick hat, along the lines of these.

Thanks to everyone who chipped in with ideas for my couch. I think I'll be shampooing and covering.

And now on with the day. Kids need feeding and schooling, the sun is shining, and I have a to-do list as long as my arm.

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Granna Judy said...

Nice mittens!! Glad you made some for yourself at last :-)