Tuesday, August 12, 2008

how I love my husband

Joe is really coming through in a crisis, folks. I always knew this about him, but it can be hard to remember when you are, well, between crises. The latest crisis is this identity fraud mess, and it has hit the Deluxe household like a ton of bricks. Or at least me, anyway. The kids are pretty much oblivious, but last week? Ugh, last week, my means of asking for help was to, uh, shout at Joe that I'm really upset, okay? And that telling me it's all going to work out is not helping, okay?

Over the weekend, I got a little perspective, realized that everyone I'm working with on this is just doing their job (including the scammer) and my job is to keep my cool and be as friendly and sweet to everyone as I possibly can. You know that saying, "Be nicer than you have to be, because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle" ? That's been my mantra this week. It's helping, a lot.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about Joe.

Here's what he's done since I calmed down and got a clue.

1. He took yesterday off work to sit by me as I played phone jockey with credit card companies and credit reporting agencies.

2. If I needed a phone number, he found it.

3. If I needed to figure something out and/or make a decision, he looked at it, thought about it, and helped.

4. He accompanied me to the police station to pull a copy of my police report. (You don't know this about me, but the police make me nervous. Actually, I should say that the police used to make me nervous. Right about now they're looking like heroes. Along with my homeowner's insurance company's fraud experts. Go figure.)

5. He used his considerable people-finding expertise to track down the real name and police blotter history of the scammer who has chosen to take a dump in the middle of my life.

6. He made pizza on the grill, just because I expressed an idle curiosity about how that would taste.

I love him. Love love love him. I'm keeping him, forever.


Granna Judy said...

You are blessed to have Joe, and he to have you. I am glad you realize it; sometimes it's easy to overlook our blessings because they are so close. He's definitely a keeper!

Jennifer in VA said...

Identity theft - yuk! Great that you two are coming together on this. I want to leave you with this link:
I have used this site frequently for credit education, information, etc. You do have to sign up to use the forums, but it's free. There are some great industry folks who answer questions as well as the BTDT crowd.

JoVE said...

I know exactly how that beginning part feels. Glad you have found some inner strength and that he is being so supportive. Hope this blows over soon.

Sullyce3 said...

AWWW!!!! What a sweet post E.!

mama chief said...

yeah. he's good.

anthromama said...

Huzzah Joe! He's a keeper, clearly.

My mom is a fraud investigator for a mortgage company. It's amazing what people will do to get something they didn't work for. I hope this mess gets cleared up for you soon.

Beth said...

I was just thinking about you

Michaeliris said...

What a nice post! Usually, when the foot fits, the shoe is forgotten. But it's good to appreciate the old shoes.